Crail Consulting provides training, coaching and consultancy services.

We can deliver the whole package from start to finish to see effective change delivered in your company or organisation; or equally, we can tailor a bespoke package in which you can pick the services you require.

Please see the list of services below.

We help you to articulate where you want to be in an agreed time frame and use this to help plan your change journey.

We work with you to evaluate how ready your organisation is for change; providing a detailed analysis through the use of tools and techniques such as culture surveys, interviews with the leadership team, focus groups and reviewing historical change programmes. The recommendations from this help to shape the change process.

We can work with you to develop as a change leader and be an effective advocate for change.

We undergo a thorough review of your company. The focus of the review is driven by your vision for change, so can include reviews of your strategies, organisation structure, culture, leadership, operational processes and people management. ​

We help you to collaboratively design the change required in your company. Amongst other changes, this can include: engineering new processes, defining organisational structures and helping to develop new cultural values to take the company forward.

If appropriate, we help you to pilot the change. We support and coach you in rolling out the change to the whole company or organisation through a structured and thorough implementation plan.

We help you to identify your key stakeholders and explain how to keep them engaged, and therefore supportive, throughout the change process.

We help you to enthuse others about the change being implemented and work out the best communication channels to do this.

We help you to evaluate the change programme. We do this by ensuring performance measures are in place for managing the change as it progresses and for reviewing the success of outcomes. We have a portfolio of tools we use to do this, such as spot audits, sustainability reviews, temperature checks and embedded balanced score cards.

Managing benefits is a key component of change – their identification, measurement and tracking against targets. Benefits can be “hard”, for example: financial benefits, and can be “soft”, for example: improved morale. We work with you from the very start to ensure the delivery of benefits are integral to any changes.

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